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Eating out

I've just got back from dinner at Aqua on Walcot st., great place for a restaurant; in a converted (presumably methodist) church, high ceilings and all that, swanky modern decor, relaxed atmosphere, all good.

Shame that the service, food and wine were a bit crap really. There were about 15 people in the restaurant, being served by 4 waiters who managed to be both slow and, when prompted for service, rude. I had mussels which tasted of nothing and lacked the advertised crostone, and liver with a balsamic sauce which seemed to be lacking any ingredients other than balsamic vinegar, yeilding what I can only describe as pickled liver. Cost £30 inc 1/3 of a bottle of wine.

Tonight was the seventh time I've eaten out in the last nine days and it was probably the worst, which, considering that one of these places was at schipol airport, is saying something.


Went to Lieve on Herengracht for dinner last night. Food was amazing and each of the (4) courses was accompanied by a specially selected beer(e47pp inc drinks). After that we did some more drinking, my head hates me.
barcelona, bob

Lounge phase 2: dismantling

Lounge floor is still not finished, unfortunately replacement boards are not easy to come by with modern ones being either too thick or too thin and reclaimed ones being both expensive and out of stock at our local reclamation yard.

In an attempt to at least get something done this weekend I opted for removing the boxing on the side of the chimney breast in the lounge (this used to hold the water, gas and electricity for the old boiler of doom).

Photo 0062.jpg
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Lounge phase 1

First stage of lounge re-decoration is replacing/reinforcing some worm-eaten joists.

Photo 0049.jpg

Needless to say this was not finished in the anticipated time frame (some confusion over the number of mm in an inch and how exactly to use a circular saw). On the plus side the lounge now looks a bit like a set for the crystal maze.
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Lounge in 3D

Instead of doing the things which I probably should have been doing this evening (see previous bathroom-related construction work), I've been making a 3D model of our lounge under the cover of "seeing what our floor might look like". It's probably fair to say that I have got a little carried away, in fact I suspect I passed that point when I started looking for my digital camera to capture realistic textures for our existing upholstery and obsessively re-measured all of our furniture.

Anyway the initial results are here:

There is also a walkthrough movie in the making, but, for the want of my own personal render farm that won't be ready till sometime tomorrow.
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DIY 101

Today we broke the first rule of DIY:

Do not, under any circumstances try and do more than one room at once.

The sealant around our bath was going a bit mouldy so we decided to replace it this turned out to be a bigger job than we'd originally estimated:

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Science Museum

I was in London today to see off a friend who is going to Singapore for a few months. Shaking off the necessary hangover from last night, it was decided that a visit to the science museum would be a fitting thing to do.

Having read about it in the press I decided that we should go and see the Japan Car exhibit which alleges to provide an exploration of Japanese car design and its relation to the growing city. The exibit, it turns out, is a gross dissapointment (especially when you consider that it costs £8 to get in), consisting of a mixture of boring (the cars themselves) and a pile of pretentious and patronising design twaddle which fails to excite in any way.

Some small consolation comes in the fact that the exit to the exhibition hall leads you directly into the "Listening post" installation which, I think is one of the best examples of public art that I've ever seen.